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"His name is Justo, but you will call him 'Sir.' "

Such was the advice of  Foundation instructor Stephanie Millham to a young assistant trainer shortly before the approved PSL stallion Justo was permanently donated to the Foundation as a schoolmaster.

True schoolmasters are very special indeed. Trained to the highest levels,  they are capable of passing on their knowledge through feel to the next generation of riders, trainers, and instructors. At the Spanish Riding School, schoolmasters are known as "the Professors," and at the Foundation we are honored to continue that respected tradition.

One of the Foundation's first donated schoolmasters, our beloved Lusitano stallion Justo served the Foundation faithfully until his retirement in  2009. His retirement ceremony is featured within the Event Gallery page.

Before retiring to his permanent, loving home, Justo found a special friend in the Foundation's secretary, Lorna Russell, who rode him during most of his public performances.  He leaves behind a 2011 colt at HH Classical, reportedly a replica of his classic sire, who will hopefully serve the same role for the Foundation someday in the future.

Now retired, Foundation schoolmaster Justo is shown here with his special friend, Lorna Russell.



Loxley, the Foundation's Lusitano schoolmaster, performs during the 2009 symposium Pas de Trois.




Currently serving the Foundation as a valued schoolmaster is Loxley, our 20-year-old Lusitano bred in Canada. Loxley takes part in Foundation performances including demonstrating piaffe, passage, and levade and also serves as one of "the Professors," teaching the next generation of classical riders.

If you would like to become one of Loxley's Special Friends, helping to sponsor his career with the Foundation, please contact us. All sponsors will be listed on "Loxley's Page" (coming soon) and will also receive credit in the Foundation's newsletter, The Classical Review.

If you would like to help sponsor other future schoolmasters, please contact us as well:



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