The Foundation for Classical Horsemanship

A 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization

Officers, Riders and Friends



The Foundation could not conduct its symposiums, clinics,  and performances without the dedication of numerous volunteers, riders, and horse owners. In addition to those mentioned in previous pages, the Foundation owes a debt of special gratitude to several individuals who have worked consistently throughout its history in various capacities.




Not all of the regular riders for the Foundation are professional trainers or instructors.

Classical dressage enthusiast Sandy Cooper has participated in each performance of the Foundation quadrille and pas de trois since their inception. Riding her bay Lusitano Nuncio Interagro she always adds a touch of elegance combined with fun, an exemplary example of the serious amateur aficionado the Foundation deeply respects and exists to serve. Recently, Sandy's young PRE Amarante has also taken part in the young horse training demonstrations as well. A lifelong horsewoman, Sandy has "been there, done that," and is deeply committed to the Foundation and its goals. We are fortunate  indeed to have her long-term commitment as a regular rider and supporter.


Lorna Russell and Loxley, the Foundation's Lusitano schoolmaster, are a study in concentration during a windy 2009 Pas de Trois.


Sandy Cooper and Nuncio show the focus required for an elegant performance during the Foundation Pas de Trois.




The Foundation's volunteer secretary, Lorna Russell, has also participated in each public performance on a variety of different mounts. A native of Scotland, Lorna originally honed her skills riding racing Thoroughbreds before training in classical equitation, and she can always be counted on to present each horse to its best ability. She trains  horses in classical dressage for a few select clients in Texas, and happily presents many different horses during the Foundation demonstrations and performances.  Her willingness to pitch in wherever needed and her unique sense of humor definitely  keep us all on track.




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